Project workpackages

WP1: Management - Day-to-day management of the project

Workpackage Leader: Gasnor AS, Bergen, Norway

Assistant Lead: Baltic Energy Forum, Mallentin, Germany

Advisory Board

WP2: Communication and Dissemination

Workpackage Leader: Baltic Energy Forum e.V., Mallentin, Germany

MAGALOG Conferences and Partner Meetings

Representation at Conferences and Fairs

Publicity Material

WP3: Common IEEA Dissemination Activities

Workpackage Leader: Baltic Energy Forum e.V.

Contribution, upon request by the IEEA, to common dissemination activities shared by IEE projects in order to increase synergies amongst projects and visibility of the project results.

WP4: European Short Sea Shipping and Energy Demand.  Economic and Environmental Effects

Workpackage Leader: Marintek AS, Trondheim, Norway

To establish an overview over European short sea shipping and inland water ways with respect to fuel consumption and environmental aspects. Describe the status of the main segments, age of ships, plans or need for replacement.

Furthermore, identify shipping trade routes with a potential for LNG as fuel and the corresponding fuel volume and environmental effects. An illustration of typical general arrangement of LNG fuelled freight ships (RoRo) and car ferries.

Compare the competitive strength of LNG to traditional fossil fuels, biodiesel and ethanol.

Workpackage 5: LNG Supply Chain Feasibility Studies

 Workpackage Leader: Gasnor AS, Bergen, Norway

Analysis of the specific situation for “LNG as fuel” logistics and setting the pace for future LNG supply logistics and logistics infrastructure. The feasibility study will jointly be done by Gasnor and Marintek.

Workpackage 6: Preparation for full scale pioneer projects

6a)    Preparation for full scale pioneer project in targeted harbour

Sub Workpackage Leader: Gasnor AS, Bergen, Norway

Prepare for a possible full scale pioneer project, including ship running on LNG and a supply chain of LNG

6b)    City LNG

Part Workpackage Leader: Stadtwerke Lübeck GmbH, Lübeck, Germany

Preparation for a possible full scale pioneer project in Lübeck which should include at least two of following actions: LNG/CNG-fuelled buses, hydrogen-spiked natural gas for vehicle fuel, LNG-fuelled harbour ferries, LNG as backup for city gas distribution.